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Wobblers Childcare

(Aged 1 - 2 years)

At Cocoon Childcare we recognise children of this age need to have time to explore and experiment but still need the cuddles and the attention they had as a baby. Every child’s development milestones are unique and at Cocoon Childcare we look out for the signs that your child is ready to move from the Baby room to the Wobbler room. At this stage children are learning to walk and explore the world around them and as they become more independent we adapt their routine to cater for their needs. Confidence building, socialising and understanding their ability to interact with the world around them is an exciting time for your Wobbler. All of our rooms are designed with your child’s development needs in mind so you can be relaxed in knowing that they are learning and growing in a playful and stimulating environment. 

    Wobblers Activities

  • Our Wobbler room is designed with your child’s needs in mind. Offering security and safety in a fun, colourful and learning environment.
  • During this time your child will learn how to explore their world in new ways and before long will be running to greet you.
  • Our Wobbler Room is where your child will spend much of their day experimenting, exploring and beginning to socialise.
  • Arts and crafts activities will be a part of your child’s day, such as finger painting, sticking and colouring which all help to foster creativity.
  • Messy play such as sand and water play, play dough, shaving cream, gloop, rice krispies are just some of the fun messy play that is used in class to promote further opportunities for investigating and exploring.
  • Our Wobbler teachers have weekly themes which aim to ensure that your child is introduced to a variety of concepts but always in a fun, imaginative and magical way.
  • Every day you will receive a detailed report of what your Wobbler was up to during the day, from playtime and sleep time to nappy changes and meals.
  • Cocoon Wobbler Childcare

Availability of Wobbler Childcare

If you would like to arrange a viewing to come and visit our centres please call Cocoon Childcare today of 01-419 99 99 or email and we will be delighted to arrange that for you.