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Health and Nutrition Tips

At Cocoon Childcare, we place great emphasis on the importance of providing healthy, nutritious meals for your children, from the word go! While your child is in our care, we will give them a varied menu of fresh, healthy foods, devised and approved by our Consultant Nutritionist.

Here are some feature articles on key nutritional issues.childcare nutrition

Feeding your baby
Advice on what to feed and what not to feed your baby in their first year

Nutrition for Toddlers
Your active toddler’s nutritional needs

Fussy Eaters
Tips for dealing with the child who declares war on food!

Food Allergies
How to spot food allergies and deal with them

For Mums and Dads! – Eating on the Run
It’s not always easy to be healthy when your life is so hectic – but here are some tips for making healthy food choices throughout your busy day.

Winter Health
How to eat healthily this winter and not pile on the pounds

Why Diets don’t work
We all know they don’t! Now here are the real hard facts!