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CETS Scheme 2017

CETS Scheme Information, CETS Scheme Availability, How to Apply for CETS

If you have applied for a Vocational Training Programme through FAS, you may require childcare.  Under the Childcare Employment and Training Support (CETS) scheme, you may qualify for a subsidised childcare place for your child.

The Childcare Education and Training Support Programme (CETS) Scheme is administered by the Department of Children & Youth Affairs on behalf of FÁS and the VEC.

The allocation of places under the scheme is managed by the Department, via the City and County Childcare Committees (CCCs) The objective of the programme is to support parents on certain eligible FÁS and VEC courses by providing subsidised childcare places. CETS Scheme

To book a place for your child under the CETS Scheme you must obtain a letter from your FAC/VEC course coordinator confirming that you are eligible for a CETS place. Please Note: Not all VEC and FÁS places are eligible for CETS.

If you have any questions about the CETS Scheme and how to apply, please contact us on 01- 4199999 or email us at and we will get back in touch.