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Complimentary Childcare Services

1. Baby Supplies
We take the worry and hassle out of trying to remember to bring in wipes/cotton for your baby.             

2. Settling in Hours
Cocoon welcome parents to leave their child in the centre for short periods of time one week before your child starts with us this is to ensure a smooth transition for you and your child. This settling in period allows you and your child to familiarise yourselves with the centre, staff and other children. The duration of the settling in period is 10 complimentary hours. The settling in period is always the week before the commencement date and is free of charge.

3. Curriculum 'Spread Your Wings'
At Cocoon childcare we believe that caring and learning go hand-in-hand. Our ‘Spread your Wings’ Curriculum provides a wonderful learning and exploring environment to meet each child’s individual learning stage from our Baby room right the way through to our Pre-School rooms.

4. Consultant Nutritionist
Cocoon believes that nutrition is an integral part of your child’s development. As such we have a consultant nutritionist on our team who has put together, not only our menus but also our cook books to ensure that the recipes are healthy, nutritious and or course delicious for your child. We are also delighted to offer you complimentary advice from our nutritionist through our parent section of the website.

5. Morning Refreshments
Cocoon understands how busy family lives are, and the mornings can be the hardest of all.  So in the effort to get everyone off to a good start we offer our parents a complimentary, take away, cup of tea or coffee.
6. Watch Me™ LIVE!
We know there may be times when you’ll wish you could peep in on your little one in our care to see how they are getting on. It may be their birthday and you might like to see their little party in Cocoon live from your workplace. Well, now you can. We have installed highly advanced technical equipment in our premises so that you can easily access our facility to give you the greatest peace of mind when you need it.  Watch Me™ LIVE! requires considerable band width. Some of our new locations do not yet have sufficient internet infrastructure to allow us to provide this complimentary service.

7. Daily Report Sheets
At Cocoon we understand the importance of open communication which is why we have a secure parents corner for regular centre updates so you can be part of your child’s daily learning. We also have a very active facebook page with lots of information and photos of children’s activities.Everyday you will receive a written report detailing your child's day.

8. Being a part of your child's day
Butterfly Buzz is our regular newsletter for parents of children in our care.  Our complimentary newsletter is packed with news, feedback, advice and much much more, it is our way of keeping in touch with parents and letting you know how we are growing, changing and improving our service.

9. Social Events
Throughout the year we hold parent evenings and social events, even Santa himself pays a visit to each of our centres all the way from the North Pole at Christmas.